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Ingrid Haubrich's works make a great visual impact. The way she fills the space, brings together and swirls color, lets us see all that she has to say from the dramatic tension  she creates in the image. The stormy chiaroscuro and the  open forms that appear like tongues, seem to drag the viewer into a turbulent interior. How can our artist possess such a graceful,  proportionate and harmonious figure and at the same time contain  such impulsive rushes? Ingrid does not deceive, if she deceives herself. All this disappears as she paints.

This new series, entitled "Tides" ("Mareas"), alludes to the alternating and periodical movement of ascent and descent that, like the sea,  also occurs in the consciousness of people. In his painting, there  is agitation both what tries to come out, as well as what remains in the background.


"I would like the viewer of my works to find the same tranquility  and harmony that I find the same tranquility and harmony that  painting them gives me". For  Ingrid, impetuosity is in life, not in art.  Thus, she seeks that  each painting to be the imprint of an energy  to live.


"Painting gives me peace," she says. For this reason it is a finding  that the work is exhibited in a center of spirituality.  The blues associated with the celestial testify to this.

B.A. in History of the Arts U.B.A., Independent Curator. Master in Argentine Culture, Fulbright Commission and International Council of The Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires. Jury in important awards. Former Director of the Palais de Glace and Curator of Special Exhibitions at the National Library. Former art critic in the newspapers Clarín and Page12.  He collaborates with the magazine "Arte al Límite" of Chile, and in the publications of Ediciones Institucionales. He hosts the program "Cultura al Día" on Radio Palermo FM 94.7.  He organizes "MIRÁ Festival de Arte" at the CC. Borges.  Curator in 2018 of "Esencias", solidarity exhibition at the Fortabat Collection.

Roger Weiss

The artwork is faboulous. Very colourful, vibrant, dramatic and full of life . I see the tides, waves, dragons and cascades of wonder. Various interpretations I imagine,like a giant Rorschach tests. She is quite lovely and kind too! wow So talented! Muchas Gracias for sharing. Genuine expression full of zest for life . Wonderful endeavors and wishing adventure and fulfillment . Warmest Congratulations.

Michelle Tacito

Dipingere in modo astratto un fenomeno periodico costituito da ampie masse di acqua, oceani in particolare il Mediterraneo dove affondano le radici della nostra storia e della ns cultura è stata una scelta molto ambiziosa della bravissima Ingrid. Quello che colpisce in modo armonico sono i colori che sembrano danzare sulle onde spumeggianti. La dominanza del colore Azzurro dona un look fresco nell ambiente in cui i quadri sono esposti ed è facile abbinarli in qualsiasi tipo di spazio... Complimenti Ingrid

Gabriel Paul

La obra de Ingrid traduce un contenido de paz en sus pinturas ya que los colores que utiliza son puros en una vida donde es muy intensa y nos traslada a un mundo de cosas inimaginables. Cuando estás frente a un cuadro podes sentir sensaciones de tranquilidad, paz con ganas de disfrutar la belleza del mismo . Te relaja en el momento pudiendo observar el fondo de los lienzos desde lo mas profundo como la superficie .

Gracias Ingrid por compartirnos tal belleza . Que sigas este camino que seguramente te llevara al éxito ya que la belleza que tenes en tu interior se transmite en tus obras .


Saludos Gabriel Paul

Santiago Pont Lezica

Son Ondas de radio y sonido; armonía y emociones perfectas, las que vienen y se van, las que te contagian luz, paz y libertad y nunca, nunca limitan tu imaginación. cada dia son únicas, nuevas y diferentes.

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