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Some of the most important works in history are the direct result of patronage,

From ancient Rome, Ludovico Sforza of Milan, Patron of Leonardo Davinci in his emblematic work "The Last Supper" (1495-1497)   or the "Guernica" (1937) by Pablo Picasso made at the request and with the financial support of the government of the second republic in the midst of the civil war.


The new eras gave rise to new forms of financing such as Micro-patronage, a collaborative system that depends on citizen participation. In Spain during 2016, 3 million people donated 240 million euros to this type of campaign.

Its popularity is due not only to the promotion on social networks, but also to the promotion of the 2002 Patronage law, whose reform in 2014 includes tax benefits of up to 75% in the personal income tax quota.

Aware of the important role that culture plays in the progress of society, large companies and suitable individuals have taken over as cultural patrons, before a time marked by cuts. More than 55% of investments in Spain come from of the private sector that has taken over from the institutions as cultural patrons.


What is the proposal?

We are not raising funds, nor large capitals, nor money, we are looking for a fusion of social and cultural commitment, in which its part consists in promoting and helping in the diffusion and growth of the artist.



It will be a commitment in which, through labor, business, and social relations, you will obtain physical spaces that will give visibility to the artist's work (museums-galleries-offices- different social events such as end-of-year parties, season openings, product launches, or any charity event).

Simply, one event proposal per quarter, four art shows per year, to be agreed upon at the time of the merger.


What is your profitability?

Sera participates (along with other top businessmen) in the upward positioning of the artist.

It will have 4 annual productions of large-format works, approximately 1.40 x 2.00 that you will obtain in property, with a current price of € 2,500 per piece, an initial annual return of € 10,000 without investment.


Future objective?

Work on the ascending value of its 4 owned works, through parallel and supervised work, from different investors, in different parts of the world starting in:









Generating a valuation and stability of the annual price, upward that exceeds the  300%, in the first two years 


  I am Ingrid Haubrich Plastic Artist, Argentina, with Portuguese Nationality, residing in Spain for more than 16 years.

In mid-2018, I decided to dedicate myself to the world of Art, part-time since I have an architecture and interior design studio here in Spain, of which today I am only a shareholder.
The acceptance of the work was surprising, as were the invitations to take part in solo and joint exhibitions, which were arriving more than quickly, a labor maelstrom that took place in less than two years, with a curriculum that although I will expose so that can analyze, has the Borges Museum of Argentina,
  Museum of Modern Art of Almería, Exhibitions in Art Miami, during the week Art Basel, Art On Paper New York or galleries in Uruguay, Argentina, USA and Spain.
In just two years, the route has been very positive and I continue to work on it to improve it even more.

Attach Curriculum

TIDES series

Photo  to the left (Borges?)  more text to the right

A series in blue tones, which seeks in the viewer, environmental awareness, water care, control and management of waste, as well as something that affects us so much on the Spanish coasts, the traffic of people looking for a new life, the death of millions of people who repeatedly disappear in authentic silence, devoured by the waters of our oceans, simply seeking to escape from misery or wars.
This series was exhibited in various countries with great acceptance and was many times a means of collection for solidarity events with social and educational purposes for the children of the smallest in Spain, the United States, Uruguay and Buenos Aires.
Today, this Mareas series is the image and is part of the Ecomar Foundation, an association led by Olympic medalist Theresa Zabell, with a 20-year history committed to caring for the planet.


Photo on the left (that of your dealer)  more text to the right

A series of great color and size, which tries to make a nod to that European spring of March 2020 that we could not see.
"The current situation takes us into the sad world confinements and looking for the abstraction of time, large and colorful flowers appear like floating in the ocean that seem to find a hole in the canvas and thus, float up".
Standing out in size and shape, vibrant tones with wide pink hues that contrast with dark and black flowers that aim to capture ominous prominence.
This color positioning struggle represents the contradictory sensation of personal satisfaction, ignoring, like the ancient abstract expressionists, any external social, political or cultural event.
"The deep immersion in a subconscious, without time, without minutes, without days, led me to generate the freest, most uncontrollable and largest works, meters and meters, which only represented the pleasure and enjoyment of artistic movement.
Work of 20 square meters in a single piece that I could already predict, that it would take us to see other springs again ".


Photo  on the left (  ??  )   more text to the right

This series represents those irascible curves of these last times, a time in which life can be simply stable, time passes as if it were a movie  slow  In black and white, the over jumps and the great joys seem not to come, the limitations are represented in the work of a single color, this time the "black" that represents sobriety, austerity and sadness at times; Those circles that close and flow only inward with enormous depth, introduces us to those moments of loneliness and longing for everything that we cannot reach today.
The strokes of force are intended to be brushstrokes of positivity and movement, which are again limited by the size and the end of the canvas ...
This series already denotes a fatigue of restrictions, represented in its color palette, its elegance and simplicity allows us to see a harmonious set that generates calm in the viewer, time to simply look at the work and be able to enter into its deepest being and look for that inner peace that in these times we must find.

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