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Water is life. It is the beginning, origin of everything that surrounds us on Earth.

It is the element of nature from which everything starts. From the most microscopic, to the most infinite. From the molecules that compose it, to the oceans, glaciers or the clouds in our sky.

It makes up more than 2/3 of our body, as does the surface of the earth's crust.

It is the connecting link between continents, between countries, between people. It constantly circulates in a cycle of evaporation, precipitation and movement towards the sea. The winds carry it in the clouds, like water vapor, from the sea, and in the opposite direction, in a virtuous circle that maintains a natural balance.

The vital importance of water is a redundancy  in itself, but it is the objective that moves me to dedicate this series "Mareas Artworks" to him.

Starting from my native Buenos Aires (Argentina), going through my childhood and adolescence in Punta del Este (Uruguay), and from my current residence in Almería (Spain), my vital journey has been accompanied by water, beginning in the Rio de La Plata, flowing into the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, and reaching the warmth and tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea. I always lived surrounded by water. Now I am inspired by those origins to transfer all those experiences into my paintings, with the aim of dedicating "Mareas" to three basic axes:

  • Awareness of the Responsibility of its use, due to its scarcity in many parts of the world,

  • In its respect for the environment, both in matters such as water recycling, as well as in waste management and dumping of plastics, oils, etc.

  • As in its Humanitarian and Solidarity aspect, fundamentally because it is the transport route for the drama of immigration and refugees, which takes so many lives each year.

We will continue working for these, and other causes.

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