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Tom Squitieri

INGRID HAUBRICH Some arts makes a statement, some art pushes boundaries.Some art build and pays homage to what has come before. It is the rare artwork that achieves all three and thus the mysterious art of Ingrid Haubrich the becomes more intriguing and compelling. Haubrich seems to have captured the verve, the passion and romanticism of her native Argentina in an artistic tango with her new home in Spain. Her powerful strokes and demanding canvases compel attention and incite lust for the powerful passion and luscious languidly of her color coronations. No matter the size, the work pleases. It commands and holds attention is the fluidity of creation and the rigidness of the paint mounds Simultaneously it provokes thoughts - what any fine bold creative art must do to be worthy of our museums , our home or workplace or public areas - or our minds. One can only imagine hearing her voice as she creates her thoughts, the sound of artistic love being rapture to our senses as we long to be her model. Haubrich´s work is powerful and compelling. We get to enjoy the aftermath of her artistic touch and that is very exciting. Her smile will come as you view from the flush of joy and passion that flows from her work to you . A blast of pleasure. And then being torn between the desire to see the net one while basking and delving deeper into the piece before your eyes right then . She is to come to New York City in 2019 . The city should get ready.

Roger Weiss

The artwork is faboulous. Very colourful, vibrant, dramatic and full of life . I see the tides, waves, dragons and cascades of wonder. Various interpretations I imagine,like a giant Rorschach tests. She is quite lovely and kind too! wow So talented! Muchas Gracias for sharing. Genuine expression full of zest for life . Wonderful endeavors and wishing adventure and fulfillment . Warmest Congratulations.

Michelle Tacito

Dipingere in modo astratto un fenomeno periodico costituito da ampie masse di acqua, oceani in particolare il Mediterraneo dove affondano le radici della nostra storia e della ns cultura è stata una scelta molto ambiziosa della bravissima Ingrid. Quello che colpisce in modo armonico sono i colori che sembrano danzare sulle onde spumeggianti. La dominanza del colore Azzurro dona un look fresco nell ambiente in cui i quadri sono esposti ed è facile abbinarli in qualsiasi tipo di spazio... Complimenti Ingrid

Gabriel Paul

La obra de Ingrid traduce un contenido de paz en sus pinturas ya que los colores que utiliza son puros en una vida donde es muy intensa y nos traslada a un mundo de cosas inimaginables. Cuando estás frente a un cuadro podes sentir sensaciones de tranquilidad, paz con ganas de disfrutar la belleza del mismo . Te relaja en el momento pudiendo observar el fondo de los lienzos desde lo mas profundo como la superficie .

Gracias Ingrid por compartirnos tal belleza . Que sigas este camino que seguramente te llevara al éxito ya que la belleza que tenes en tu interior se transmite en tus obras .


Saludos Gabriel Paul

Santiago Pont Lezica

Son Ondas de radio y sonido; armonía y emociones perfectas, las que vienen y se van, las que te contagian luz, paz y libertad y nunca, nunca limitan tu imaginación. cada dia son únicas, nuevas y diferentes.

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