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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina , aged 36, is a Modern Abstract Artist whose passion and emotion towards the power of mother nature are featured in her art at various stages, from vibrant turquoise  to intense blues which reflect her passion for the sea and the coming together of oceans from different continents.

Her creativity stems from her roots. Born in Buenos Aires, and raised in Punta del Este, her favourite place in the world, she arrived in Almeria, Spain where she studied Fine Art. She lived in a small coastal village called Aguadulce, which is very similar to her beloved Punta del Este. These days she resides in Almeria, with her husband, her rock, and her beautiful children, who are her daily inspiration! The artistic talent that flows from her captures the interest of experts within the art world, from every background and even to those who wish to combine her work, by adding a touch of nature, to spaces, homes, department stores, hotels, modern office spaces etc


Since the beginning of this journey, she has been unconditionally supported and collaborated with may prestigious individuals and the media, who have captured the soul of these works of art, Mareas (tides(, their connotations, their resemblance to nature and their excellence!


Galeria Maisons, are just to name one who have shown particular interest in the works of art of this young artist


By communicating her art in an independent, personal, instantaneous way, by todays standards, we can exhibit live Art, and transmit it directly to the public to all types of audiences and from and in places that inspire and that can generate ideas, considering the basic concept, the value and importance of Water, in all of its forms.  Her work will support this noble cause and contribute to this essential subject, which is against water contamination, the cleanliness and sanitary of the sea, lakes and rivers.  The balance of nature and human life which is fundamental for life itself.


For that reason, these exhibitions will take place all over the world, New York, Boston, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, holland, canada, Australia, and will be part of a journey to highlight, using Art, the importance of bringing together different cultures to unite in one single cause


Ingrid states >


"The idea that we are able to develop and explore this journey of art, which incorporates the different elements expressed in their entirety in my works, confirms to me that through painting we can communicate to the most diverse language and cultures without obstacles.  And for me it is to transmit that peace and message through life"

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